Address autocomplete

Search addresses with Google Maps autocompletion

The 'Address Autocomplete' plugin powered by Google Maps enhances data entry efficiency by offering real-time address suggestions as you type. This intuitive feature reduces manual input errors and ensures that address data in your Airtable base is accurate and standardized. Upon selecting an address from the autocomplete suggestions, the plugin automatically populates your records with detailed address components like street, city, postal code, and country, streamlining data collection and management processes.

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How does it help?

❌ Before

  • Error-prone manual address entry.
  • Time-consuming data input.
  • Inconsistent address formats.

✅ After

  • Quick, accurate address suggestions.
  • Automated, detailed field population.
  • Standardized address formatting.

Execution methods

Trigger with a link

Can be triggered by clicking on a link