Enrich by SIREN

Enrich french company details by SIREN

The 'Enrich by SIREN' plugin automates the process of updating your Airtable records with comprehensive details about French companies. Simply enter a SIREN number, and with a click of a button, the plugin fetches and populates all pertinent company information into your database. This not only eliminates the need for manual data entry but also reduces errors, ensuring accurate and reliable company data integration directly within Airtable.

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How does it help?

❌ Before

  • Manual data entry is prone to errors.
  • Laborious updating of company records.
  • Challenges in obtaining complete company information.

✅ After

  • Automatic fetching of company details by SIREN number.
  • Instant update of comprehensive company data.
  • Accurate and efficient data integration.

Execution methods

Trigger with a link

Can be triggered by clicking on a link