Enrich company by VAT

Validate, get name & address of companies by their VAT number.

The 'EnrichByVat' plugin streamlines the process of verifying and retrieving company information based on VAT numbers directly within your Airtable base. Enter a VAT number and the plugin not only validates it but also automatically populates your records with the company’s name and address. This tool enhances data accuracy and saves significant time, eliminating the need for manual cross-referencing and data entry errors associated with manual processes.

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How does it help?

❌ Before

  • Manual verification of VAT numbers is error-prone.
  • Time-consuming manual entry of company details.
  • Difficult to ensure accuracy in company data.

✅ After

  • Automated VAT number validation.
  • Auto-populates company name and address.
  • Ensures accurate and up-to-date company information.

Execution methods

Trigger with a link

Can be triggered by clicking on a link