Backup base as XLSX

Backup your Airtable Base as an XLSX file

This plugin allows you to seamlessly export your entire Airtable base to a convenient XLSX format. This feature is essential for data portability, offline access, and making bulk edits or analyses using familiar spreadsheet tools. Efficient and reliable, this plugin ensures that your data is always backed up and readily accessible in a format widely used across various platforms.

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< 1k users

How does it help?

❌ Before

  • Manual export of each view
  • CSV format not easy to manipulate
  • Have to remember to download regularly

✅ After

  • Fully automated backup every 24 hours
  • Backup/Export as XLSX format
  • Setup once and forget about it

Execution methods

Trigger with a link

Can be triggered by clicking on a link

Scheduled execution

Will be executed automatically every 24 hours.