Export table or view as XLSX

Generate a link to export records from a table or a view.

This plugin enhances the accessibility and sharing of data by generating public links that can be used to download XLSX files from your Airtable base. Whether it’s for Airtable users or external parties, this plugin allows the inclusion of these links in an interface button, emails, or portals like Softr, Stacker, or Noloco. When exporting from a view, the XLSX file will contain only the records and fields displayed in the view, maintaining any sorting applied. This ensures that recipients receive exactly the data they need, presented as it is within Airtable.

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How does it help?

❌ Before

  • Complex processes for exporting and sharing specific data sets.
  • Manual preparation of data files for external sharing.
  • Difficulty maintaining view-specific formatting in exports.

✅ After

  • Easy generation of downloadable links for specific tables or views.
  • Automated, view-specific exports maintaining sorting and field visibility.
  • Simplified sharing of data via emails or online platforms.

Execution methods

Trigger with a link

Can be triggered by clicking on a link